Welcome to the Southwest Florida Corvette Club website.


The Southwest Florida Corvette Club of Fort Myers was originally established in 1981 by several local Corvette owners who wanted to promote good fellowship and camaraderie for Corvette enthusiasts.  It was formally incorporated in 1989.

Our club’s goal is to offer a variety of activities to participate in for all to enjoy.  We caravan as a Club to a variey of locations in southwest Florida throughout the year.   Together with holiday parties, annual club picnics, monthly dinners at various restaurants, local parades and car events, all enjoy the lasting friendships of our fellow Corvette club members! Our membership is diverse with members who come from every corner of the USA, some fulltime SW Florida residents as well as seasonal members, retired, semi-retired, and others still employed.

Our website plus email communications and social media keep our members informed on upcoming events and up-to-date club news.

All members can take advantage of discounts for service at Estero Bay Chevrolet, one of our Sponsors.

We are a non-profit organization who participate in various events throughout the year and who enjoy the whole Corvette experience.  Our history of charitable donations over the years is due to the club’s dedication in helping local communities and events.

Our regularly scheduled monthly meetings are on the third Tuesday of each month (unless otherwise notified) except June, July, and August when no meetings are scheduled.  Visitors interested are always welcome to join us. We look forward to meeting new Corvette owners!

Meetings: 3rd Tuesday at 7:00 PM

Location: Fort Myers Christian Church
                 5916 Winkler Road (North of College Pkwy)
                 Fort Myers, FL.

If you are a Corvette enthusiast and own a Corvette, we hope you will consider joining our club.  We currently have 113 dues members and 2 honorary members.  The following table indicates the number of Corvettes owned by Club members by Corvette generation.



Generation             Years                          No. in SWFLCC


  1953-1962   c1           2


  1963-1967   c2     3


  1968-1982   c3     6


  1984-1996   c4     9


  1997-2004   c5     17


  2005-2013   c6     14


  2014-2019   c7     11


  2020-20xx   c8     13



corvette emblem generations